Saturday, February 11, 2012

Awesome hair and bathroom changes

First things first...look at my pretty hair!

Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaah! I know!!! I did the Shauna "no heat curls" method and left it in overnight. I love it. I tried to do it on Claire's hair, but she wasn't having it. She doesn't like people messing with her hair. I'm pretty sure it would have worked on her chin-length hair though, so don't let length stop you. I like being the mom at target with the pretty hair instead of the "awww, poor thing, she has two kids and doesn't make herself a priority" hair. Facebook profile picture, here I come! :)

I went to target for Valentine's stuff and a new bathroom rug for the kids. Despite multiple washings in the machine, it was getting dingy. And dingy doesn't appeal to buyers. But you can't just get a new rug without replacing the toilet seat cover. And the shower curtain was awfully girly. So maybe I needed a new one of those too. Right? Before I knew it, "Operation Update the Kid's Bath" was underway!

Here's what the bathroom looked like BEFORE...I took this straight from the MLS. Haha.

You can see I have a ducks and yellow thing going on in here.

Here's what it looks like NOW...

Still ducks but more gender neutral. I just realized you can't even see the rug in the top picture. Well, I promise it's fresh and fluffy.

So then I stood back and thought, this bathroom needs more color. So I grabbed four canvases I had bought on clearance forever ago and started this...

Once the paint dries I'm going to carefully try to hand paint one word onto each canvas for a nice little pop of color. That's courier new font printed at size 140.

Isn't it funny how one little change starts a snowball effect of other decorating changes?

Oh wait, before you go, do you want to see cute pictures of my kids? Hahaha. Well great!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! It's my most favorite day of the week!

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