Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday! Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! Can you believe Valentine's Day is in four days??? Claire and I have been getting our craft on. Her Valentine's party is on Monday (she doesn't have school on Tuesdays), so we've been hard at work getting her mailbox done.

It's a Valentinesaurus! It's just a milk jug painted brown, cardboard feet, paper teeth, google eyes and brown felt arms. We need to add a tail and I'm trying to convince Claire it needs spikes to cover up the holes on it's back (we had to cut the handle off so the mouth would open wider and it left two big holes). Claire the paleontologist informed me that most carnivores did NOT have spikes and so she's on the fence. We'll see what we decide to do...maybe heart patches? What? It's HER project and I should back off? Fine.
Oh but do you want to see the greatest dinosaur shirt of all time for girls? It's from Jumanji (I got it from
Epic!!! Nothing says Valentine's Day party for a four-year-old girl like a T-rex tshirt. Hahaha.

Also, on a random note, I was behind this truck today. Doody Calls. It's a pet waste removal company. Removing it from what I wonder?

Oh and do you want to see what I got from Target?
A yellow cow creamer! Love it. I collect cow creamers. I call them Barfy cows. When I took this picture I also took the following pictures of items in my kitchen: my spatula, can opener, and fridge art. Do you think Andy ever tires of me and my purchases? :)
 When I saw that spatula (at target) I literally squealed and squeezed it and told John "Looook! It's got orange chevrooon striiiiiiipes!!!" John didn't care.
 Oh it's a pink bunny.
That's a picture Claire drew of Team O'Neill. No that's not baby Jesus laying in a manger, that's baby John in a stroller. Oh that reminds me, when we were at Chick-fil-a on Tuesday we let the kids play in the playground (even though it always smells like pee) and John decided he was going to climb up to the very top. Well, I sent Claire up after him and told her to keep her eye on him. Hahaha. I could hear her telling the other kids, "Hey! Watch out! That's my baby!" Hahaha. She's not maternal but she's certainly protective. I gave her a star for being a good big sister.

So that's it. My plans for the weekend are to get candy, finish Claire's doll bunk bed, finish John's doll's blanket and pillow, finish Valentinesaurus, fill out Claire's valentines for her classmates (with her help), make valentine's for everybody in the family and...I don't know. Something fun? The museum? The zoo? I don't know. Maybe just a nap. This list is exhausting me.

Oh and the no heat curls worked!!! I should have taken a picture, but it looked really pretty. What you do is wash your hair and dry it till it's 95% dry, put a loose headband on your head "hippie style," wrap your hair around the headband, let dry. I did it at night and took the headband out before I went to bed and by the morning a lot of the curl had straightened so next time I'm going to sleep on it! For an actual video of what I did go here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any special plans? I better get going on that list. :)

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